Sophie Pellegrini

Feeling my way through life, heart first, camera in hand.

Hi there! My name is Sophie Pellegrini and I'm a 25-year-old digital and film photographer from Washington, DC. I currently live in Durango, Colorado where I work as a wilderness therapy field guide.

I started taking photographs in the form of self-portraits at 14, navigating my way around my DSLR solely through trial-and-error and attempts to emulate the images I was inspired by. I continued to explore photography through high school and college, occassionally taking short courses to receive more formal instruction, though my aesthetic and visual language are primarily grounded by my first days of independent exploration. 

I graduated from Bates College in 2015 with a B.A. in Psychology and Arts & Visual Culture: Studio Art. I recently completed my Master's of Communication Design in Photography at the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland. I have used both fashion portraiture and self portraiture to explore my fascination with faces, bodies, and stories, particularly in regards to the female experience. I use portrait photography to explore human relationships—including my relationship with myself—in an honest and candid way.

I am an avid crafter and find comfort and inspiration in working with my hands. I also co-founded and am the Creative Director of an online magazine and creative collective for teenage girls, Ramona Magazine for Girls. I am a firm believer in cultivating compassion, serendipity, the goodness of people, and finding beauty in unlikely places. 

to say hello or for questions regarding collaborations, editorials, modeling, commissions, full resume, or otherwise, please contact